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As coffee experts we would like to inform you about our Barista courses that we will be offering during March, April and May. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a professional, we have courses specially designed to help you acquire the skills to make a perfect cup of coffee.

We have tailored three courses specifically for you:


Basic Professional Barista training:

* From the seed to the cup, history & process

* Workstation, machine & grinder settings

* The coffee menu

* Espresso extraction

* Milk texturing

* Perfect cappuccino


Advanced Professional Barista training:

* Water and milk analysis

* Roasting profiles & cupping

* Advanced machine functions

* Techniques for increasing quality,

* Consistency & speed

* Advanced espresso recipes

* Milk texturing, free pouring

& latte art introduction


Home Barista training 

Do you want to learn how to make good coffee at home?
 Including an introduction to the different types of coffee. Speciality and microlot coffee
 We will teach you to make good extraction, grinds and water temperature ratios,  in all the different coffee making methods (drip or pressure)
 Demo + explanation of the methods V60, AEROPRESS, MOKA (Italian coffee maker), FRENCH PRESS, ESPRESSO.