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Meke came about when three siblings decided that the one thing Ibiza was missing was good coffee. In May 2012 the Meke train left the station…. 5 years later the Meke train is now steaming along with an array of great products & people involved!

We over see everything from bean to cup, coffee tasting, selecting & buying we constantly tweaks our roast profile for consistency & improvements to flavour. Consulting on new coffee related projects, equipment supply, including installations, technical support & maintenance, R&D on innovative new products to be released (cold brew & biodegradable capsules) national rep for Acme cup Co. We also offer our professional coffee station, espresso martini and events service. Not to mention our new Ibiza Almond butter & specialist barista oat milk. Meke is a family business and we love what we do.
Why in Ibiza,

Ibiza is an absolute melting pot of international people in a beautiful Mediterranean setting. A great place to live, but a hard place to get a business off the ground….

The Meke ethos is sustainability, harmony, balance & trying to make something good great. The island is changing its vibrant and creative and it has a much bigger international reach that sets trends for the mainland, due to the hospitality industry being one of the main industries on the island, food and alimental products are at the forefront and need to be of a high standard, with a focus on local artisan produce.

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Ethical sourcing – how / where / why?
It’s a hand on family run business where each team member is involved, and oversees the sourcing process from beginning to the end cup. Part of the association of speciality coffee makers this is like an artisan coffee stamp, working with sustainable and ecological farmers. Artisan because we produce in micro lots (small roasting batches) that can be tweaked to suit the flavour needs of the consumers, as we sell to restaurants and cafes that might have different client tastes things like location and altitude can affect this.
We do tastings ´cupping’s´ to achieve different flavour profiles for our batches.

We work closely with farms around the world that focus on sustainability and we make sure they are achieving a good price for the quality of their produce. Selection process is very important, as we have to reserve our quantities of ‘specialty grade’ Arabica beans to ensure we are getting fresh crops. We roast in small batches here on the island so we can tweak flavour profiles to celebrate unique characteristics of specific beans and deliver the coffee freshly roasted ! We have weekly tastings ´cupping’s´ to monitor quality and ensure our beans are tasting great throughout seasonal change. We work with our clients to raise the quality of the beverages they are serving by offering Barista training and workshops on site and in our roastery. Technical support and maintenance of espresso machines is also critical to serving good coffee, which we do alongside a full range of accessories and equipment.

Available produce – Fresh roasted coffee bean selection, ground coffee, coffee-making accessories, Japanese teas.

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As well as our own Cold brew iced coffee, espresso martini, iced tea. This year we are launching our range of Ibizan artisan almond butter and almond bars as part of our speciality, local hand made food product.

Also distributing a new range of speciality barista oat milk in collaboration with a company from the UK