Meke Blends


San Juan Blend

Origin: Brazil, Colombia and Kenya
Rich, full-bodied, smoky yet smooth flavour with minimal acidity and a dry finish



Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia
Bold and balanced cup with notes of plum, cherry and chocolate



Origin: Brazil, Monte Cristo, Mexico and Ethiopia
Biodynamic with notes of hazelnut, blackberry, blackcurrant and butter


Decaffeinated Water Process

Medium/Dark Roast
Origin: Mexico
Smooth, floral, clean with hints of dark chocolate and an apricot finish
100% chemical free water process


Meke Single-Origins


Our single origin roasts change seasonally according to the freshest harvest and availability, so our offer list changes monthly.

Roast day is every Tuesday. Coffee is packed on Wednesday. So order before Thursday for maximum freshness.

Available in 1kg and 250g packs


Meke Capsules


We packed our coffee by hand into capsules, compatible with Nespresso machines, and tasted it… and it tastes pretty good!

Our Meke Blends and Peru Organic are now available in capsules.


Meke Cold Brew

New this year, we have created Meke’s very own

‘Cold Brew’ – roasted, brewed and bottled in Ibiza.

Seasonally selected, freshly roasted coffee is brewed for 8 hours in chilled purified water, to create a delicate and refreshing beverage, low in acidity.

Floral, fruity and earthy with hints of chocolate.

Serve straight from the bottle, over ice or mixed with your favourite milk for a cool caffeine kick.


Our Premium Tea Selection

To complement our fresh roasted coffee, we now offer a selection of great tasting, premium loose leaf teas.

We have selected a full flavour spectrum of ten different blends, alongside our organic Asian Sencha green and organic White Sun white tea, for optimal health. Islanders will also love our Hierbas inspired brew – the taste of Ibiza!

Click here to see our list of teas


Meke Mezcal

A limited edition release.

Unique collaboration with artisan Mezcal producer in Mexico.

Crafted, brewed and bottled in Ibiza with freshly roasted Meke coffee.

Smoked, citrus flavours combine with intense aromatics of our coffee to create a liqueur that can be enjoyed straight or over ice, after dinner on a summer night – “mejor impossible”!


Barista Equipment and Accessories

Fresh coffee of the highest quality is only part of the picture. We also offer high quality barista equipment and accessories, servicing and exceptional training.


Widely regarded as the best in the industry,
La Marzocco espresso machines are hand- made in Florence, Italy, and all come complete with dual boilers, ensuring maximum temperature control and consistency.

We also sell and endorse Rocket espresso machines, hand-made in Milan, Italy, admiring their use of high quality materials and the consistent water temperature and pressure they provide.