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Fresh coffee of the highest quality is only part of the picture

– we also offer high quality barista equipment and accessories,
servicing and exceptional training…



Widely regarded as the best in the industry, La Marzocco espresso machines are hand-made in Florence, Italy, and all come complete with dual boilers, ensuring maximum temperature control and consistency. www.lamarzocco.com

We also sell and endorse Rocket espresso machines, hand-made in Milan, Italy, admiring their use of high quality materials and the consistent water temperature and pressure they provide. www.rocket-espresso.com



In 1952, Compak was created in Barcelona with the objective of manufacturing high quality coffee grinders, targeting roasting masters and lovers of espresso coffee. www.compak.es


We have sourced the best tools for connoisseur coffee making, and can supply you with a full set of equipment and accessories for your café, bar or restaurant.



Designed in New Zealand, ACME’s ceramic range of specialty coffee cups offer the perfect design and durability for the cup of your choice. You can now see ACME cups in many of the great cafes around the globe – from Budapest to New York, Sydney to Singapore. Please see our listing for the full range we supply.


Technical Shot


In order to produce great coffee, we believe it is essential that your top quality equipment is well maintained. So we look after the machines ourselves. This service is complementary to our café clients.



Along with the very best beans and equipment, knowledge of what to look for and taste when making coffee is equally important. There are many things to consider when making an espresso or steaming milk, and it’s in our interest to ensure our clients know how to make great coffee. We provide on-site training, either with the machine your staff use or can conduct training sessions at the Meke Roastery in San Lorenzo.

Professional Barista Courses – click here



Regular delivery of fresh batch roasted coffee – to your café / restaurant / bar. Refer to Our Blends, or create your own!

We can create a custom blend especially for your business – to give your customers your preferred style coffee. Meke Espresso Blend is still our most popular subscription – which you can enjoy in a growing number of cafés.

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