• Ethically Sourced World Coffees

    Our coffee is shadegrown and most environmentally responsable

  • 100% Arabica

    – which is the tastiest, highest quality type of coffee

  • Craft Roasted in Ibiza

    We are proud be Ibiza's top specialty coffee roasters – we bring the world's best coffees – and roast them right here on the island – enjoy the freshness of quality, batch roasted coffee

  • Cold Brew

    Seasonally selected, freshly roasted coffee is brewed for 8 hours in chilled purified water, to create a delicate and refreshing beverage, low in acidity. Floral, fruity and earthy with hints of chocolate

Visit Our Roastery

The Meke Roastery in San Lorenzo is open for door sales, visits, meetings and coffee tastings.

Opening hours 09:30-13:30 Monday-Friday (all year).

We’re on the Ibiza-San Juan road, Km 12.9 on the right.

Contact Us

Where can I buy Meke? Retail Stockists…

NORTH IBIZA: Can Marti, Can Curune, Can Tiruit, Natural Living Ibiza SANTA EULARIA: Herbasana, Paranthy, Can Guash, Polen SANTA GERTRUDIS/SANT MIGUEL: Autoservicio Salvado, Can Es Candell, Can Oliver, Can Caus SAN ANTONIO: Herbarius SOUTH IBIZA: Can Toni, Natural Bioeivissa, Savia, Short Verde MALLORCA: Pere Pau Brunet, Herbodietetica Son Figuerola


Coffee ScoopOur goal is to provide the best quality coffee in the Balearic Islands.

We buy a selection of specialty Arabica coffee beans from around the world
and then batch roast them separately to specific roast profiles.
The reason we do this is to enhance the unique characteristics of each variety
of coffee to achieve interesting and dynamic flavour profiles in the cup.

Enjoy Meke.